Transmigrated as the wife of wealthy vegetative man chapter 6.1

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The big bed of a wealthy family is comfortable. Mu Yanyan slept until dawn and woke up refreshed in the morning, unspeakably cozy.

She stretched her waist and slowly got up from the bed, not thinking about it a little bit.

“Woo, a comfortable big bed, it would be nice if I could lie down on it all the time,” Mu Yanyan got up on the bed and pressed her small face against the bed sheet, feeling nostalgic for a while.

“What are you doing?” A low voice suddenly came from her daydream.

Mu Yanyan raised her head subconsciously, just to meet the man’s deep eyes.

The man stood by the bed, looking at her condescendingly. He had just finished taking a shower, his hair was half-wet and not yet dry. With his crunch forehead, a large silhouette fell on his eyes.

The man’s eyes were dark, like the water of the deep ocean, he turned his head to her and stared at her.

Mu Yanyan’s heart tightened and she was a little at a loss.

She quickly retrieved her thoughts, and her brain quickly looked for coping strategies.

“Um,” Mu Yanyan got up reluctantly and found that the place where she had been lying on her stomach just now happened to be the same place where the man slept.

Turning her eyes, she stretched out her hand and patted the bed sheet, raised her head and said sincerely: “Isn’t this admiring you? I want to feel the place where you lie down. After all, there is still your residual warmth.” It was easy to lie.

After the sky thundered, Mu Yanyan quickly asked the Bodhisattva in her heart: “Please forgive me Bodhisattva, for the sake of my small life, so you panicked a little. Bodhisattva is the greatest.”

Han Zheng’s eyes were deep, and he didn’t believe that Mu Yanyan is telling the truth.

‘You really like me to the point you fell asleep in bed last night without a minute even passed?’

Why don’t she hug him, a big man, but rather hug the sheets?

“Heh,” Han Zheng gave her a chilly look and went downstairs.

Mu Yanyan watched him leave steadily, and hurried to wash up. Now living in a wealthy family, she doesn’t know what other people’s rules are, so she can’t mess around.

She is okay for being scolded for breaking the rules, because eif she doesn’t have food she will be miserable.


Han Zheng couldn’t get up last night. Why was he able to walk like he was flying just now?

How is he so fast?

Han Zheng really couldn’t get up last night. His bodilyy function deteriorated after being in bed for a long time, so he couldn’t recover for a while.

But after sharing the bed with Mu Yanyan last night, he didn’t know what happened. In the middle of the night, there was an airflow slowly entering his body, making him as light as a feather after getting up in the morning, it was as if he had never been sick and comatosed.

At the beginning, seeing Mu Yanyan sleeping ugly, he was quite in a irritable mood, but then the airflow slowly spread, until he felt that his internal organs were strengthen, and he no longer felt irrtable.
The morning is even more refreshing.

Mu Yanyan quickly walked to the restaurant, everyone was sitting around the table, only one was missing.

The old man sits in the main seat, and the old lady sits next to him. On the other side of the old man are two relatives of the Han family, plus a Yang Minxiao.

This person hasn’t even left yet, she’s really insatiable.

Han Zheng sat next to the old lady on his right, and his left was empty, which was obviously reserved for her.

Mu Yanyan had no feelings for the people in the room, she only cared about what she would eat for breakfast.

It seems to be quite hearty, after all, it was a rich breakfast and not too bad.

On the table there were salmon dumplings and a lot of unknown things, probably made to take care of the western appetite of young people and to accommodate the habits of the elderly. The breakfast was a bit of a combination of Chinese and Western.

However, there was only a glass of milk, a piece of bread, and no salmon dumplings in the empty seat next to Han Zheng.

Those that mean she could only eat bread and drink milk?


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