Transmigrated as the wife of wealthy vegetative man chapter 6.2

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Mu Yanyan sat down unwillingly, greeted his grandparents and prepared to eat.

The other people in the table are eating all delicious food, yet she doesn’t even have porridge or any side dishes.

She don’t know what was going on with Han Zheng’s brain.

The old lady seemed to sensed her thoughts, and said ignoring Han Zheng, “Yan Yan, I heard Xiaozheng said that you would be vegetarian for a lifetime in order to pray for his health. I believe that this was just superstition and there was no need to follow…” Mu Yanyan was about to nod her head, and she also felt that even if she didn’t get permission she would still not follow it.

Seeing Han Zheng’s cold face, her excitement was suppressed.

The old lady seemed to have realized something. She glanced at Han Zheng, and her grandson seemed very dissatisfied with what she said from his cold face.

She hurriedly changed her words: “Forget it, since you sincerely want to pray for Xiaozheng, you can eat vegetarian food for a while, but there is no need to eat it for a lifetime.” As soon as the old lady said so, Mu Yanyan could only admit her fate.

But even if it was milk bread, she couldn’t easily eat it in her original world.

At least she can eat such a good quality food even if they are vegetables.

Mu Yanyan took a bite of the bread, and the scent of wheat filled her mouth, giving her a special sense of satisfaction.

Take another sip of milk. It was silky and fragrant, not like any other ordinary milk.

‘Forget it and just focus on filling my stomach.’

Seeing that someone was watching her all the time, Mu Yanyan stopped and asked, “Do you want to eat bread too?”

Han Zheng: “…I don’t want to.”

Yang Minxiao sat opposite Mu Yanyan, her plate was full of delicate pastries with meat, she probably wanted to be angry with Mu Yanyan at the moment by deliberately stabbed the fork loudly on the plate, and said something strange: “Auntie, grandma, today’s fish is so fresh, it is all thanks to grandma.”

After a pause, she looked at Mu Yanyan.

“Sister-in-law, do you want to some too?” After she finished speaking, she suddenly patted her forehead, “Looking at my memory, you have to be a vegetarian. I’m really sorry.
It seems you have no blessing to be taste it.”

Mu Yanyan looked at Yang Minxiao, who deliberately eating very loudly, and her heart felt suffocated.

Eating so much meat in the morning is not good for the stomach.

Not backing down at her words, she looked at Han Zheng: “Didn’t she also say she pray for you and promised to be a vegetarian?”

Han Zheng drank the chicken porridge gracefully, his slender fingers pinched the spoon, as if doing something related to art. After hearing this, he stopped his movements, glanced at her faintly, and said coldly: “She is not from my Han family.”

She is not from the Han family, so naturally there is no need to pray for him.

Although Mu Yanyan didn’t think this was a good thing, Yang Minxiao absolutely didn’t liked his words.

This was a mean to draw a line with her.

Mu Yanyan was very satisfied. She looked at Yang Minxiao and said with a smile: “Got no choice As a wife of a family, one should work hard for her husband’s body, right? Cousin Yang, you don’t need it. How dare we bother with distant relatives. ”

“You…” Yang Minxiao really exploded. She is the granddaughter of the old lady. She grew up in Han’s family. She had the closest relationship with Han Zheng. If Han Zheng hadn’t had an accident, she would have begged the old lady to let them be together.

Now that Han Zheng has married someone else, what she fears the most is that the Han family treats her as an outsider.

“How can I be a distant relative, my aunt is the daughter of his grandmother’s sister, do you think that my aunt and grandmother are also an outsider?”

Seeing Yang Minxiao’s angry, Mu Yanyan was in a good mood, and she also followed Han Zheng’s appearance. Eating bread elegantly.

Mu Yanyan didn’t want to argue with Yang Minxiao within the dinner table, after all, the other party was not an important person, and there was no need to waste energy on her.

But Han Zheng didn’t intend to let it go.

Just when Yang Minxiao’s voice fell for less than three seconds, he suddenly said, “You don’t need to come here anymore.”


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