Transmigrated as the wife of wealthy vegetative man chapter 6.3

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Subconsciously Mu Yanyan thought she was talking about her, maybe it was Han Zheng who regretted it. He want to kick her out again today.

She suddenly raised her head to look at Han Zheng, only to find that his gaze had just withdrawn from Yang Minxiao.

And Yang Minxiao looked at the old lady with a weeping look: “Auntie and grandmother—” The old lady after Yang Minxiao growing up, and naturally did not want her grandson to have conflict with her, but wanted to ease the atmosphere: “Xiaozheng, Minxiao …… ”

Han Zheng did not give the old lady the opportunity to speak:.” Grandma, I’m married, and Yang Minxiao look at me with ill-intentioned, and I do not want to quarrel with Yan Yan. Therefore, do not let her come back again. Besides she is your granddaughter, you can’t let people say that she is the third party to destroyed a family, right?”

Old lady: “…”

Yang Minxiao: “…”

Sure enough, the poisonous snake was still Han Zheng. After he finished speaking, he whole room was shocked.

Everyone looked at Yang Minxiao with sympathy.

Mu Yanyan also looked at her sympathetically.t

“A third party who destroys others, scoff…” Mu Yanyan tried her best to hold back her laugh. She pretended to be with Yang Minxiao’s side: “Azheng, how can you say that? How can someone be a third party? There are so many things that doesn’t sound good from what you said.”

Han Zheng has always been aloof, there was no doubt about it.

He didn’t like Mu Yanyan’s attitude very much, but he didn’t want to explain to her. He just emphasized that: “She likes me.”

Mu Yanyan: “…”

Well, no one has your old narcissism.
Even if people like you, you don’t have to say it out loud.

Yang Minxiao knows Han Zheng’s character and never showed mercy to others.

But they grew up together, she thought she was somewhat special in his heart, and would always take care of her face.

But who knew that the other party actually said it in such a blunt way.

Now everyone in the room was looking at her, and made her want to find a place to hide.

Especially when Mu Yanyan looked at her, there were all kinds of emotions such as contempt, ridicule, sarcasm,which was lookinh down on her, that made her feel even more embarrassed.

Yang Minxiao stood up, still angry and slapped the table, she did not dare talk back to Han Zheng. She only looked at Mu Yan Yan and said:”I may not be liked by cousin but don’t you think we are on the same boat?”

She ran out of the house crying all the way out.

Yesterday she looked for so many reporters, but failed to provide any hot news. Today, she was humiliated by Han Zheng in front of Mu Yanyan. She really didn’t want to live!

Mu Yanyan looked at Yang Minxiao’s back silently, what does this have to do with her.

Seeing Yang Minxiao running away, Han Zheng seemed to feel that it was not enough. He called the butler over and specifically ordered: “That person should not be let in the future. Whoever lets her in, I will drive them out together!”

The old lady wanted to say a few more words but Han Zheng snorted, so the old lady closed her mouth.

How can she say that when she wanted to have Yang Minxiao to Chongxi Han Zheng, but she turned it down.

This made the old lady very uncomfortable.

So although her grandson said is too much, she also agreed deep inside.

Seeing that the old lady was silent, the two relatives that remained in the dinner table spoke up.

“Azheng is right to do this. After all, he is married. Too much drama is not good.”

“Yes , this is also for Minxiao’s reputation.”

“It’s still our Azheng who is thinking a lot, knowing to protect our small family, and we were worried that Azheng can’t handle marriage matters well, now it seems that he is more transparent than anyone else.”

Everyone kept complimenting Han Zheng, while the woman next to her was motionless, still drinking porridge gracefully, as if the surrounding compliments has nothing to do with her.

Mu Yanyan didn’t think Han Zheng is worried about Yang Minxiao being criticized by others as a third party.

He must have known that Yang Minxiao refused to Chongxi him and he is now taking revenge.

Sure enough, he is a villain who repay tenfold for those who wronged him.


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