S3OC chapter 37

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  When his son was caught on the spot, the next person who went up to be caught naturally became Fu Heng.

This time it was Fu Sijin’s turn to be a wooden man with Qingqing. In the end, it was clear that Qingqing could not stand firmly and fell first, however Fu Heng caught Fu Sijin.

The father and son had a discussion earlier, they didn’t need to catch Qingqing, and just let her run around all the time in order to increase her amount of activity.

Despite being specially treated, the little child didn’t notice it at all, in fact she proudly thought that she was very good at playing these game. She was so happy that she ran for several laps while being fooled.

When Fu Heng estimated that they had played enough, he finally called it off, Qingqing was already sweating, and her bangs on her forehead were sticky wet.

“Is Qingqing tired?”

Fu Heng picked up Qing Qing and helped her sort out the sweaty hair behind her ears, revealing her smooth and full small forehead.


Qingqing might not feel anything if she hadn’t been asked this question, but now she just felt exhausted all over, and she can’t wait to fall asleep on her bed right away.

Seeing that the child in his arms was so exhausted that her eyes were closing slightly, Fu Heng glanced at the clock on the center of the living room.

It was alrwady half past nine, it is indeed time for a child to go to bed.

He briefly explained to his eldest son, and then took Qingqing upstairs to wash and sleep.

At present, Qingqing still lives in the same room with Fu Heng, but with different bed. Her current bed was for kids.

It’s not that Fu Heng was unwilling to let her sleep in the big bed.

The little bed was originally bought for Qingqing, and it belongs to Qingqing in name.

If she sleep with him, Fu Heng was afraid to accidentally crushing her while sleeping resulting to unintentionally hurting her.

The example of careless parents crushing young children in the news have never been outdated. With Fu Heng’s cautious nature, of course, he will not allow himself to make such mistakes.

Moreover, Qingqing usually sleeps on her own, which is more convenient for the two of them in order to work and rest.

The sleeping between a child and an adult was completely different.

At least it was still very early for Fu Heng, so he can go busy with other things, or take a leisurely time to read books, read current affairs, news, and relax himself.

After a refreshing shower, Qing Qing wore a dinosaur pajamas, rushed out of the bathroom, using both hands and feet, crawling and kicking until she reached the small bed.

Fu Heng waited a while before come out from the bathroom, he had wash himself and changed to a comfortable pajamas. His hair was wet and was still dripping down some droplets of water.

Obviously, after Qingqing finished washing, he also took a shower himself.

“Uncle Uncle…”

Qingqing was already lying on the bed automatically. After seeing Fu Heng coming out of the bathroom, she immediately urged: “Tell a story, Qingqing wants to listen to the story.”

“Wait a minute.” Fu Heng took a towel and put it in his head. He wiped his hair with the towel a few times, and when he was sure it was no longer dripping, he just let it air dry.

“What’s the matter?”

Fu Heng couldn’t help wondering why Qingqing’s forehead was crumpled.

“Huhuhu, uncle didn’t huhu, it would cause a headache.”

Qingqing stretched out her hand and gestured a hair dryer on his head.

Hearing this, Fu Heng’s figure paused slightly.

He suddenly remembered that his former wife would always tell him to dry his hair after washing, otherwise he would easily get a headache.

Hearing her for so many time, Fu Heng didn’t take it seriously. He felt that his hair was short, so he could dry it by just letting it air dry.

It was too troublesome to take a hair dryer, and it was a waste of time. She he would always force his wife to pick up the hair dryer to help him with his hair.

Now the hair dryer was still habitually placed on the bedside, but the person who would have usually picked up the hair dryer to blow his head after he was done showing, could no longer have strength to hold the hair dryer.

No, even if she could afford it, Fu Heng would not allow her to touch an electrical appliances indiscriminately.

With his thoughts drifting far away, Fu Heng had already unconsciously picked up the hair dryer and hair blown his hair for the first time.

There was a whistling wind in his ears, which was very noisy, and in front of him was a little girl lying on a small bed, acting very cute.

Suddenly, it may have been impulsive. Fu Heng asked, “When Qingqing met me for the first time, did you feel anything else?”

“…” Qingqing looked confused, she did not understood him.


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