S3YOC chapter 38

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Fu Heng knew that even if he wanted to know the reasons why his wife became smaller, he shouldn’t ask a three-year-old child like that.

She didn’t know anything, on how she became suddenly younger when she woke up. Facing a strange environment and strangers, the child’s inner fear was no less than that of an adult like them.

It’s just that she has been habitually covering it up, pretending to be well-behaved and afraid of being hurt.

“Sorry…” The blurted apology was interrupted by a hesitant little milky voice: “Qingqing didn’t know anything before meeting her uncle, Qingqing was sleeping, but…”

She heard something before…

“But what?”

Fu Heng suddenly became excited, because he was afraid of frightening Qingqing, he insisted himself in being patient and kept asking her calmly as much as possible.

Qingqing tilted her head, as if she was carefully recalling something, her expression was a little confused: “…crying.”

“Crying? Who was crying?”

As if hope was right in front of him, Fu Heng clenched Qingqing’s arms unconsciously. Qingqing’s bed is along the edge.

At this moment, there was a sudden throbbing abnormal movement outside the window.

Fu Heng immediately turned his head in surprise, and Qingqing’s excited voice came from behind: “Little bird!”

It turned out to be a sparrow.

In summer, there were always birds haunting every corner, especially the green area around where Fu’s family Villa was located is particularly a spot for the sparrow to hunt. It is normal for small animals to appear.

Fu Heng, who was relieved, turned his head and saw that Qingqing was rubbing her eyes, which were slightly red and moist, these seemed to be traces of yawning.

She was sleepy.

“Qingqing need to go to sleep when she is sleepy.” With a sigh in his heart, Fu Heng covered Qingqing with a quilt, and then brought a children’s story book. His deep and mellow voice slowly told a beautiful and innocent story.

After Qingqing was asleep, Fu Heng closed the book and gently withdrew from the room.

In the study, the computer on the desk was still turned on.

Fu Heng sat down in front of the computer and, not surprisingly, saw reminders of several unread emails flashing.


Go to bed early and get up early.

Qingqing opened her eyes early in the morning. She lay on the bed and played for a while. She was really bored. She turned her head and saw that Fu Heng was still asleep, so she simply climbed out of the bed.

She was going out to explore!

In the silence of the morning, the subtle opening of the door was louder than usual.

Behind the door, a small furry head poked out, looked around, retracted, and then appeared again after a while.

She was observing in secret.

Like the vanguard ant, who is only investigating the enemy’s situation, Qingqing uses her own unique ‘tentacles’, and after determining that there was no danger outside, she cautiously slips out of the door.

She didn’t wear shoes, and her little feet like white buns were exposed under the sun, and she walked silently like a cat.

As mentioned earlier, the Fu’s family Villa is very big.

Each of the floor from the top, there were many rooms in addition to the main living room and essential function rooms.

Some of these rooms have been transformed into dressing rooms, while others are gyms. Naturally, there are alsosome storage rooms contains their most expensive stuff.

What Qingqing explored were these ‘mysterious’ rooms that she had never set foot in.

She selected the rooms at random, Qingqing opened a door on the left of her bedroom.

Most of the room doors in the house are not locked, and this door is naturally no exception. It was easily pushed open by Qingqing.

The golden sunlight was swaying freely, and it fell on the pure white skirt, and the slender shadow projected down, stretching all the way to Qingqing’s feet, overlaping with hers.

“Who are you?” Looking at the slender and tall elegant figure in front of her curiously, Qingqing’s head was full of doubts.

Is there anyone else in the family?

The other party stood behind the curtains, half of her body was blocked, and the curtains that followed the morning breeze blowing.

With curiosity that Qingqing couldn’t hold back, she walked forward, and the little hand grabbed the curtain and pulled it open!

“Huh? It’s not a human being.”

Qingqing let down the curtains with a little disappointment.

It turned out that Manequin with a gorgeous wedding dress that was placed behind the curtain.

Because the Manequin was exquisitely crafted and are blocked by curtains, Qingqing thought it was a human.

She looked around and found that the room was empty.

In addition to this wedding dress, there are also a few unopened boxes scattered on the ground, and she didn’t know what it contains.

It’s not good to mess with other people’s things, so Qingqing didn’t touch any of those boxes.

The room full of stuff was extremely boring.

Qingqing decided to retreat and continue her adventure elsewhere.

As a result, when she turned around, she was caught on the spot by the eyes of Fu Sijin.

“Why is Qingqing here?”

Fu’s famili home gym is on the third floor, where Qingqing and Fu Heng live together.

Fu Sijin has the habit of getting up in the morning to work out, but there was a little rain outside today, so he didn’t go out for a morning jog and stayed in the gym at home to work out.

As a result, as soon as she walked out after the exercise, she saw the door of the opposite room opened, and he came over suspiciously, just to catch a little dinosaur running around.

“Qingqing is exploring.” Qingqing, who did not minded of being caught, was very happy when she saw Fu Sijin, and finally someone could play with her.

She ran towards Fu Sijin, reaching for a hug.

Fu Sijin hadn’t gone to wash, and he was very sweaty, not suitable for holding Qingqing, so he could only hold her small hand and take her out while carefully instructing: “Don’t run around randomly in the future, it will make people worry.”

“Yeah.” Qingqing nodded and agreed, incredibly well-behaved.

Walking out of the door, Fu Sijin, who was about to close the door that was accidentally opened, looked inside subconsciously.

“It’s pretty clean.”

It seems that the former servants have done their best to clean up, but unfortunately, due to Qingqing’s current identity problem, it is not easy to let them come back.

Today both Fu Heng and Fu Sijin should have to go to work, but Fu Sijin has more leisure time.

Moreover, Fu Heng also had a meeting with the Bureau at night, even if it was not a serious public affairs, it was not suitable bringing children there.

Therefore, the father and son reached an agreement, Qingqing would be taken care by Fu Sijin first, and then let Fu Heng take over after his meeting. Thsy reached an agreement to take turns.


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