Doting On Wife Like It’s His Life, The President Is Determined Not To Divorce Chapter 37

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Chapter 37 – Why Don’t You Keep Running?

Come on, with just one look, Mu Xin Cheng knew that she really didn’t like her.

Fortunately, she didn’t expect others to like her.

Jiang Jing Zhi answered her, “The bodyguard will send him over later.”

As he said, he took Mu Xin Cheng into the living room and sat down, took out a beautifully wrapped box from his pocket and handed it to her, “This is a birthday present from Cheng er.”

Birthday present? So today is his mother’s birthday?

Mu Xin Cheng didn’t know until then, Jiang Jing Zhi didn’t tell her on the way, but this gift was prepared for her, and it saved her a lot.

Wang Lin took the box, glanced at Mu Xin Cheng, and said quietly, “It’s already good that you come, how can you give gifts?”

Mu Xin Cheng twitched the corners of her mouth as a smile, thinking that it was obvious that people didn’t want her to come.

Now that she knew that his mother didn’t want to see herself, she didn’t spend her time trying to please others, and she was never a pleasing person, she just wanted to be a transparent person.

“Brother! You are back!”

At this time, a beautifully dressed woman walked down from the stairs to Jiang Jing Zhi with a smile, holding his arm intimately and saying, “Brother, you haven’t come back for a long time. I miss you so much!”

Mu Xin Cheng beside Jiang Jing Zhi was completely ignored by her and didn’t even glance at her.

Mu Xin Cheng raised her eyebrows, Jiang Jing Zhi had a younger sister? They look really different!

Wang Lin also smiled and said, “Yes, after all, you haven’t come back for a long time. We miss you so much. Come back more often in the future, ok? Your father is gone now, so we can only rely on you.”

Jiang Jing Zhi pulled his hand back and said nothing. Because the phone rang, he stood up and went outside to answer the call. Only the three women were left here.

Mu Xin Cheng was originally going to sit here obediently, without saying anything, just waiting for Jiang Jing Zhi to come back. She thought she had nothing to say to the old and young women.

However, when Jiang Jing left, both Wang Lin and Jiang Zi Yan’s eyes fell on her, but they weren’t gentle eyes, especially Jiang Zi Yan, who was full of disgust.

“Mu Xin Cheng, I heard that you have amnesia? Can’t remember anything?” Jiang Zi Yan said in a casual tone, “Really? Then do you remember who I am?”

Mu Xin Cheng glanced at her, “Are you important enough for me to remember?”

She doesn’t even remember Jiang Jing Zhi, which green onion is she?

Jiang Zi Yan’s face sank, and she sneered, “Unexpectedly, you got amnesia but still annoying!”

Mu Xin Cheng replied without a smile, “Same same!”

Jiang Zi Yan was angry. She hated Mu Xincheng not only a day or two. Now she was so excited by her, she knew she shouldn’t have said it. Jiang Jing Zhi had also warned, but she just couldn’t hold it back. The words blurted out, “Why don’t you keep running? You didn’t escape because of your amnesia? Then you should quickly restore your memory and get out! Our Jiang family does not welcome you!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Wang Lin’s face changed, and she pulled her to stop her talking nonsense, “Zi Yan!”

Mu Xin Cheng frowned, run? What does it mean?


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