Doting On Wife Like It’s His Life, The President Is Determined Not To Divorce Chapter 40

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Chapter 40 – You Are Married

Today is Wang Lin’s birthday. The chef made a table full of food. Except for the first episode, everything was fine for the rest of the time. Jiang Zi Yan always wanted to find a chance to apologize to Mu Xin Cheng, but couldn’t find it.

Although she was very disdainful in her heart, but she was helpless, worried that she would really be sent abroad by Jiang Jing Zhi, it would be like being deported, and she would not be able to return to China without his order.

She didn’t want to be alone in a foreign country, and she felt terribly regretful in her heart. She had been warned, but she still said that kind of foolishly. She really has no brains!

After finally finding the opportunity, she was very unwilling, but she still said sorry to Mu Xin Cheng, “Sister-in-law, I apologize for what I just said. I’m sorry, I was talking nonsense. Don’t take it to heart ok? Can we get along well in the future?”

Jiang Zi Yan tried to pretend to be sincere. Mu Xin Cheng glanced at her and curled her lips. “Getting along well let’s avoid. I think my aura is not right with you, so let’s avoid contacting me in the future!”

Hearing this, Jiang Zi Yan was anxious, afraid that she would not forgive her, Jiang Jing Zhi really wanted to send her abroad!

She was anxious to say something, Mu Xin Cheng raised her hand to interrupt her, “Okay, you don’t need to say anything, I forgive you!”

Forgive or not forgive is not bad for her, she just doesn’t want to talk to this woman anymore, if she doesn’t say it like this, she is afraid that she will continue to be pestered by her.

Jiang Zi Yan breathed a sigh of relief when she heard this, and immediately looked at her brother with pitiful eyes, hoping that he would also forgive her.

Jiang Jing Zhi didn’t say anything. Soon after the meal, he took the mother and son back.

Jiang Zi Yan looked at her mother with trepidation. Is she forgiven?

Late at night.

After Mu Xin Cheng had coaxed the child, she washed herself and lay on the bed comfortably, ready to go to school tomorrow.

Jiang Jing Zhi come over when she was about to fall asleep, leaning in her ear and whispering, “Are you happy to go to school?”

His voice was very low and it made her ears feel a little itchy. She hid, her eyes closed and not opened, “Happy.”

She doesn’t need to be alone at home and do nothing. Of course she is happy, and she also knows many friends.

She is such a lively and active person, she shouldn’t be kept in captivity. The free world outside is suitable for her!

“Have a good relationship with classmates?” Jiang Jing Zhi continued to ask.

Mu Xin Cheng thought he was a little annoying, “Very good!”

“Is it better to be with girls or boys?”

“All good!” She felt a tingling in her neck just as she finished speaking, and she exclaimed, “Ah, what are you doing?!”

She turned around, put her hand over the neck and stared at him.

Jiang Jing Zhi reached out his hand and touched her face, and said in a deep voice, “Remember, you are married.”

What is the meaning?

Mu Xin Cheng frowned. She didn’t understand. He didn’t explain. He reached out and patted her on the back, “Go to sleep.”

She scolded him in her heart, which was really inexplicable!


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