Sweet daily life with my fool husband chapter 3.1

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One of Jiang Chengzhan’s cousins ​​couldn’t stand it anymore and coaxed Jiang Chengzhan to come back, “Hurry up! You haven’t even done the tea ceremony with your wife to your grandfather. After the tea, go and play.”

“I don’t want tea, I don’t want tea, Zhanbao is going to play the ball , Zhanbao is going to kick the ball…”

Jiang Chengzhan said while stomping his feet, expressing his dissatisfaction.

The cousin looked back at the people with a slightly embarrassed expression, and then he persuaded Jiang Chengzhan: “If Zhanbao does not go to serve tea, your wife will be angry and will not let you go back to sleep with her in the future.”

“What shall I do?” Jiang Chengzhan Looking at him with horror on his face, “I don’t want, I don’t want to, I want to sleep with her arms around me. After that Zhanbao can fall asleep soundly.”

Everyone heard his coquettish act and laughed about it. The initial tensed atmosphere has mostly disappeared.

Su Wanwan blushed and her pale face became red as if blood were to burst, standing in the corner of the room, one eyes after another eyes on her making her uncomfortable to the point she wanted to find a place to hide.

But on another thought, she is not the original owner, so what was so shameful about it.

Besides, isn’t this marriage temporary?

Moreover, the original owner’s affairs with her uncle did not happened and her shameful act wasn’t known.

Anyway, she had already practiced a set of escaping skill for the past 20 years, and she had been intact under the eyes of dozens of underworlds lords. Just these few people words she didn’t take it to her heart.

The most important thing is that there is no Jiang Yushen in the room. She didn’t why know why but she was afraid to see him.

Thinking about this, she walked up to Jiang Chengzhan confidently, took his arm to make him bend down. Headed her head to his ear and said a few words softly, finally she asked with a smile: “If you want to sleep with me tonight be obedient. If you stayed obenient for the whole time, you could still play football.”

Jiang Chengzhan suddenly clapped his hands cheerfully, “Okay, okay, Zhanbao is no obedient, Zhanbao will go to offer tea now.”

Everyone looked at Su Wanwan very strangely. They didn’t know what she said, but Jiang Chengzhan followed Su Wanwan to the old man in a particularly obedient manner.

Someone had prepared the tea long ago for the ceremony. She brought it to their grandparents, and after they drank it she let Jiang Chengzhan do the same thing.

The old man was over eighty years old and looked very kind. He drank her grandaughter-in-law’s tea and praised her beautifully.

The wife smiled on the surface, but Su Wanwan could tell that Jiang Chengzhan’s step-grandmother must be a snake and a calculating person.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t make Jiang Chengzhan in the book so miserable, but if she cared about her son, she won’t let him get involved with his nephew and wife.

She guess her son and granddaughter-in-law were having an affair, and she don’t know how happy she was looking at her the stupid grandson who knew nothing about it!

Looking at her face, she is in her sixties and she is still in good shape. She was wearing a luxurious satin dress, a thin face, sharp and pointed eyebrows and eyes. She was not a good person to get along with.

The tea ceremony finally finished. Mrs. Jiang got down from the chair and greeted everyone with a smile: “It’s almost 9 o’clock past morning. If you don’t want eat anymore, we will eat lunch together later.”

A big table can at least hold a dozen of people. Personally, it was the first time Su Wanwan saw so many people. She was still uncomfortable physically and mentally as a daughter-in-law, but she couldn’t leave without eating, so she bear with it.

While she was not paying attention, Jiang Chengzhan was dragged out to play, and she was be surrounded by everyone to sit down and preparing to eat.

She didn’t know where Jiang Chengzhan had gone to. Most of the children were lively and active, so they ha gone to out to play for a while.

“Don’t worry about them, let’s eat,” the cousin handed Su Wanwan a piece of chicken, and someone next to him agreed, “Yes, the kids play almost every time. They have already eaten to their fill earlier, and will have some more later. That’s it.”

Su Wanwan said thank you politely, preparing to eat. Thinking that Jiang Chengzhan hadn’t eaten earlier, she didn’t know if he was hungry or not.

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