Sweet daily life with my fool husband chapter 3.3

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“Sister,” this time she talked about Xu Hongyan’s sore spot.

It was because of the good living conditions here at Jiang’s family, she didn’t have to pay a penny by herself. How could she go out and screamed: “I’m your own sister, can I be house in my your house?”

“She is an outsider who has been married to another family for decades. Why should she come back and live here?”

Both sides quarreled non-stop, and Su Wanwan pressed her eyebrows because she was having a headache, but this was really a lively show.

The was life after marriage!

However, Aunt Jiang was obviously in a disadvantaged position.

In addition, her stepmother was about the same age as Aunt Jiang, but her seniority was still there. She estimate that she has been bullied for so many years, so after dealing with a few sentences, she was left speechless.

The people next to her could only watch, and no one dared to say a word.

‘Are they still busy arguing?’

Su Wanwan snorted in her heart.

Since she was a young girl, she has not been afraid of pissing people off. She bit her lip and thought to herself: It’s just Jiang Chengzhan’s fault, he is the eldest grandson so he will not be severely punished.

Soon Jiang Chengzhan came back. He was being pulled by the uncle housekeeper.

This would make Jiang Chengzhan look stupid and as the housekeeper even lack of basic politeness.

It was like pulling a bear kid and pulling people into the house with a push and a shoving.

“Ma’am, I brought him back.”

Jiang Chengzhan, like a kid who made a mistake, lowered his head and didn’t dare to look at everyone. He couldn’t even resist being pushed by others, so he endured other people’s violence.

Su Wanwan felt bitter. It seems that this situation was not the first time. The housekeeper was so arrogant.

Everyone remained tight lipped. Only Aunt Jiang to speak for Jiang Chengzhan.

“Hit him, hit him.” Xu Hongyan roared like a shrew, “You dare to hit my son, butler Wang, hurry up and hit him.”

Hearing the sound, Jiang Chengzhan subconsciously raised both arms to cover his head.

His small voice said: “Don’t hit me, I didn’t hit him, I didn’t hit him.”

“It was Xiao Min who took his toy.”

The mother of Xiao Min was immediately upset when she heard that, and stood up and her nose was not her nose. She said without giving him a face: “No one cares if you are a fool but how can you talk nonsense?”

Xiao Min’s mother was Mrs. Jiang’s niece and brought her baby over half a month ago.

Xiao Min is child is more than ten years old. She has a pigtail and is black-looking. She just came in from the outside and she started to complain as soon as she saw her mother: “Mom, I blame the fool, he was the one who beat my uncle. ”

…It’s no wonder that the original owner live with his uncles and grandpa unscrupulous, and it’s no wonder that Jiang Chengzhan will kill these people after returning back to himself in the book.

She only came one night before so saw only the tip of the iceberg but Jiang Chengzhan already suffered so much grievances.

Even though he said he didn’t do it, he is still a fool now, with an IQ of only four or five years old, much smaller than them so no one believe in him.

But he is also the eldest grandson of the Jiang family, the eldest young master, they should still respect him.

The housekeeper really raised his hand when he heard the words, and he almost went up to Jiang Chengzhan’s head and he was about to slap him.

Jiang Chengzhan was so scared that he shrank his neck and squatted on the ground. He couldn’t even resist. He only mumbled quietly, “I didn’t do it, it’s not me, it’s not me…”

There is really no king’s law!

Su Wanwan quickly picked up a bun and threw it towards the housekeeper. Thenshe picked up the phone card and wiped it and took several photos in succession.

She got up from her seat and walked slowly to the beaten steward Wang. After tha she said “Which bastard dares to beat my husband?!” and she slapped his face over.

When everyone didn’t react, she pulled Jiang Chengzhan and ran away.

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