Sweet daily life with my fool rich husband chapter 3.2

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The old man was getting older. Although he loves his grandson, he can no longer take care of many things. It was impossible to take care of him in every detail.

It is impossible for the wife to truly love his grandson, married without knowing each other, let alone take care of him.

Only Aunt Jiang seems to really feel sorry for Jiang Chengzhan. Unfortunately, she is also in her sixties and in poor health.

In addition, it was impossible to stay at Jiang’s house all the time, so Jiang Chengzhan’s life would be miserable.

Of course, Jiang Chengzhan also has a sister who loves him very much. Unfortunately, she was abused by a scumbag until recently and was constantly in suicidal thoughts for some time now.

At that time, Jiang Chengzhan was not yet sick, and was afraid that his grandfather was worried so he sent her in a far place to recover. Now she seems to be only a little depressed, but she might get worse if she came to know that something happened to her brother.

Because Jiang Chengzhan was not the protagonist, and there are not too many introductions in the book, Su Wanwan carefully recalled the contents many times before getting this information.

While eating, she sneaked a glance outside, thinking that she should hide two steamed buns and feed them back to Jiang Chengzhan while he was not paying attention.

It’s a pity that the cheongsam she wears couldn’t hide anything.

Forget it, he is the eldest grandson of the Jiang family, and if he was hungry she could asked someone to give him something to eat.

At best, everyone would scold her for being shameless that didn’t even fed her husband, but she didn’t mind this anyway.

She didn’t take things seriously before stealing people’s buns. Should she still care about other people’s comments?

The old man quickly finished eating, so he asked Jiang Chengzhan to come back for dinner and went out with his cane.

Soon there were two earth-shattering crying from outside the door, “Wuwuwu -”

“Wuwuwu -”

Soon a fat little boy came in, wiping his eyes full of tears and nose with his hands, he was at least 5 years old.

He ran to a woman and started complaining, “That Fool, he grabbed my toy, and he beat me.”

“Mom, you help me beat him, beat him quickly, he bullied me!”

The table full of people retreated aside in disgust, but no one dared to speak.

The boy’s mother just now changed her face with an angry face, and said: “A fool is really a fool, and he is still dare to bully people.”

She was a popular one so of course she didn’t forget to find some allies, and said to Mrs. Jiang: “Sister. No matter what, he is already in his thirties! He is still bullying a child quarter of his age. If other people come to know this, Jiang family will be in shame!”

Mrs. Jiang’s expression changed and she told the person next to her. “Go and ask what’s going on.”

There were not so many characters in the book.

It was only at the later part that Su Wanwan learned that Little Fatty’s mother was Mrs. Jiang’s sister, Xu Hongyan, and she had a son when she was in her thirties.

It seems to be that her husband works at Jiang’s family, and she has been living with her child at Jiang’s family ever since.

Hearing that her son has been beaten, and she can’t wait to reprimand the other personally. It’s should be strange of the upbringing of the child is good.

Su Wanwan frowned, bowed her head and ate silently.

Jiang Chenzhan, who used to be invincible before, can now be treated like a trash.

How can he live his life peacefully from this day?

Yesterday she estimated that she would face many hardship when she got married but now she still don’t know what the embarrassment would be like!

Aunt Jiang was the most angry, her angry face turned purple, and she said in a trembling tone: “Chengzhan has been obedient since he was a child. There must be a reason why he beat a child.”

Xu Hongyan immediately stunned and said back: “Since he was a child, he was sensible. But don’t you look at what he is now?”

“Can a fool hit people casually?”

Aunt Jiang became even more annoyed. “This is our Jiang family. If you feel bullied, go back to your own house and don’t drink in someone else’s house.”

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